So, I have the husband back. I still like him (phew!). I have everything sorted out here in Angleterre; Great school for Max to start at in September, nice nursery for Evie, landed my ideal job, nice home & community set up, family close, but not too close. I am now ready to start enjoying the fruits of all my hard work over the last 6 months.

But that is not how it works in my life, no. The husband has other plans. There are big opportunities, BIG opportunities. Where are those opportunities located? California. Bastard California. I have to turn down the dream job, pack up, find another place to live, find a preK programme for Max, a nursery for Evie, a School for Max to start in Aug 2013 (free school starts later there), get a green card, get re certified, learn a new education system, and worst of all tell our Mam that I’m taking her grandkids and myself away from her again. I know that telling her this will be like giving her a full force kick in the face. And she’s my Mam. The lovely woman who suffered through both giving birth to me and bringing me up. This is a horrible thing to do to her.

Obviously though there are advantages to the move, BIG opportunities, cash. Its basically like I’m being sentenced to an indefinite term in a luxury all inclusive resort, with a wonderful (but limited) selection of friends, and only my closest family. I shouldn’t complain, but I will.

I also suspect that the patriarchy is involved in this somewhere. Bastard patriarchy.

Next week I will get all excited about seeing my Bay Area friends, Halloween and escaping the rain, but for the moment I need to do my sad face.

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