Limping towards the finish line

Only 5 more days of this single mother, long distance marriage thing to go. Woo! We are limping on, white tape in sight, I think we’ve just finished our final illness (fingers crossed), it was a crazy high temperature and headache one, just in time for the NHS strike. Here are our stats:

6 months

1800 hours clocked in

2520 on call hours

1 birthday (which I made totally awesome and we had a Dad for)

4 Dad visits

Max has gone up 1 size in clothes, ditto for Evie, ditto for me.

Evie has gone up 1/2 a shoe size

Max has gone up 1 shoe size

I have made no shoe size progress.

1 house move

4 teeth teethed

720 nappies changed

Around 10 illnesses defeated, including the great vomiting illness of April 2012

360 meals cooked

360 bowels of cereal poured out

50000 loads of washing done

1 school and 2 nurseries sorted out

2 jobs (unsuccessfully) applied for

2 OU short courses completed

3 seasons of Breaking Bad watched (I will finish the 4th by Monday I reckon)

I have discovered some things too, for example, if no-one ever saw my pants I would wear granny pants ALL the time. Seriously you guys, you should try a full granny pant. Those old ladies know what they’re about in the knicker department.

All in all though, I wouldn’t do it again. I’ve decided I like my husband to be nearby. I’m considering having him tagged when he gets back. It’ll probably be like the tags on Battle Royale, but it will only explode if he goes more than, say, 100 miles away, with a polite warning when he’s getting close to the limit.

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