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Oh, and by the way – I am totally pwning the single motherhood thing. I am the fucking Don, piss on my bathroom floor, no problem. Wake me up screaming that there’s poo all over the bathroom, I can take it. Develop a phobia of your new nursery, I’ll find you another one. Get so snotty that you wake up with your hair stuck to your face each morning, I’ve got the wet wipes. Live in a house devoid of furniture, I’ll sit on the floor. Can’t fit the new bed up the stairs, I DON’T care, beds are for wimps anyway. Bow down in the presence of my awesome child wrangling.

Yes, so questions. here are some interesting things I have found out from Max’s recent questions (That phase has not yet ended)

Max: Why do some spiders let their babies eat them?

Me: (feeling smug as its a biology question and I know it – also my son knows a bit about this shit already! Genious!) Well, the Mam spider loves her children more than she loves herself, so she is willing to let them eat her (anthropomorphizing, I know, but he is only 4)

Max: Why do some spiders let their babies eat them?

Me: Well, the Mum wants the babies to live more than she wants herself to live.

Max: Why?

Me: Because she has already passed on her genes to the babies, so, in evolutionary terms, she just needs to help them survive now and her own life is not as important.

Max: What are genes?

Me Genes are the information in the spider’s body that makes her who she is.

Max: But you don’t let me eat you.

Me: No, humans have to look after their children for a longer time, so they get food from the shops for their children until they’re grown ups themselves.

Max: (Confused look) Can I have some cake?

(I guess this makes my life worthless in evolutionary terms when Evie reaches 18 or so)

Max: Why is the sun a big ball of fire?

I passed this one on to the twitterverse and found out that a large compressed amount of mass, under strong gravitational force gets really hot. Apparently if Jupiter was more massive it would go on fire too. Cool huh?

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