My Grumpy Baby

This week I’ve bumped into two people I didn’t recognize, who met me this time last year. They both commented that Evie was in the sling then, and I replied “oh yeah, was she screaming?” Que slight chuckle “yeah.”

Evie still gets a lot of comments about how grumpy she looks from total strangers. Fact is, she is just a grumpy baby. When you’re a baby is a really bad time to be grumpy. Every fucker who crosses your path thinks that they can come over and touch you and start speaking to like you’re some kind of imbecile who can only hear at very high pitches. Frankly, with no option to just walk off, I’d be scowling and saying “NO!” a lot too.

I’ve recently changed my policy about Evie’s grumpy nature. A lot of people seem really hurt when she doesn’t instantly give them a positive reaction and it used to really embarrass me. I’d always try to joke about it or make an excuse, “Oh yeah that’s just the way her face is.” “She just doesn’t like people” “She’s a little curmudgeon” etc… etc…

But, the thing is, some random person in the supermarket’s feeling’s are not important to me. Hence my new stance: blank face or, “she finds strangers intimidating at first.” She does too. So random people, beware, if you have a paranoia that babies all hate you, simply don’t get in the face of the Evemeister. She’s no tart. Her loyalties lie with me and her dad and she recognizes you for what you are; a high pitched interloper with no snacks.

You’ll have to put the time in if you want to experience her laughing or holding your hand and walking around with you like your own pet monkey. Or if you want a lovely little baby kiss off her. She’s totally worth it, and maybe one day she’ll be the next Charlie Brooker making money off her naturally grumpy approach to life.

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