Sibling Reverlry

Before I had Bambino duo one of the many things I worried about was, how would precious bambino uno take it? Could he cope? Although he was intelligent, lovely loving and funny sharing was not amongst his skill set, even though I had been dilligently sorting out conflicts at playgroups for over a year he had no concept of him sharing something with someone else, unless it was to shove something in their face while he stole their better toy. This is how it has gone so far. Phase 1: Max’s initial reaction to Evie was to completely ignore her and get really really into the TV. This was during the loud screaming phase. He would also sometimes slam something down hard fairly close to her. One time he accidentally bounced her off the sofa on to the hard wooden floor while doing this, but most of the time it was ignoring and occaisionally informing me that Evie May had Beef. “Shall we try to cheer her up Mam?” Sometime he danced for her or tried to tell her a joke. She remained unimpressed. He also once decided to see whether dropping a dime down her throat would cheer her up. It certainly gave her a shock and provided me with an adrenaline rush, and an opportunity to remember and use some first aid.

Phase 2: Evie began to take notice of Max. She realised he was a complete God (as many local toddler girls have done recently- he is a bit of a lady killer in the playground). She watched his every move. And laughed. Max was delighted with her. He brought her toys (only rubbish baby toys, no transformers or anything), danced for her, told her his funniest jokes and protected her from frightening things (like me washing her hair and the hoover). He also took control of her stuff, making sure she never had anything of her own for too long and definately not anything of his. He will however make sure she has access to wires (her favourite thing) give her a “ride” in the buggy when I’m not looking, blow on her belly, and give her a kiss and a hug. He also likes to take charge of her fashion choices and give her flowers (which she tries to eat). He could still accidentally kill her, but he certainly does love her.

Me to Evie: Your Daddy will be home soon. Max: NO! He’s not Evie’s Dad, he’s my Dad! Silly Mammy! Me: No he’s Evie’s Dad AND your Dad. Max: No he’s MY dad. Not Evie’s. Me: Me and Dad are your AND Evie’s Mam and Dad. Max: No, Mam. You and Dad are MY Mam and Dad. Me: We are both your Mam and Dad. Max: No, MY dad. (repeat) Me: Well, anyway, he’ll be home soon.

So, sharing is still a problem.

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